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Product Update - An Improved Personalization Experience.
Product Update - An Improved Personalization Experience.
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In January, we set out to make it easier than ever to discover valuable insights through the launch of Personalization. Our first phase consisted of Content Preferences, which allows users to select areas of interest that matter most to them (learn more about Content Preferences here). The effect of these preferences was a pre-filtered view of studies and content on the platform, which is now evolving because of the valuable feedback our customers have sent our way.

Moving forward, KnowledgeHound is boosting content that matches your preferences instead of excluding content that does not. At first, this effect will take place on the Study Home and will evolve to the rest of the KnowledgeHound platform over time.

Our journey to enhance the KnowledgeHound experience has always been driven by user collaboration. The initial launch of Content Preferences in January marked a significant step towards providing users with a tailored platform for discovering valuable insights. Grateful for our customers' input, we are now evolving to prioritize content that aligns with user preferences, enhancing the seamless and user-centric experience across the entire KnowledgeHound platform. We're excited about a more refined and customized experience!

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