Custom PowerPoint Templates

How to customize KnowledgeHound PowerPoint exports to work with a custom Template.

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Custom PowerPoint Templates are part of the custom branding package available to all customers. To learn more about the custom branding package read this article.

Setting up your custom PowerPoint file for success

  1. Locate the desired PowerPoint file. This can be a company or team-approved file. Don't have one? Download our default starter template to get started.

  2. Next, add two slides to your PowerPoint file. The first slide will be the cover/title slide and the second slide will be the content slide. Below is what your PowerPoint file should look like. You d not need to add any content to the slides.

  3. Select slide layouts from the layout dropdown menu.

  4. Your cover slide should at least have placeholders for a title, subtitle, and footer. It is ok if your layout has more placeholders.

  5. Your content slide should at least have placeholders for a title, a content area for charts/visualizations, and a footer. It is ok if your layout has more placeholders.

    LAYOUT & DESIGN TIP: We recommend using font sizes larger than 6px to ensure the footer meta data is legibile.

  6. Once you have a PowerPoint file with two slides, each with a layout and design of your liking, you're ready to load the file into KnowledgeHound.

Loading your custom PowerPoint template into KnowledgeHound

  1. Start by navigating to the settings page and click on the Customize tab.

  2. Scroll down to the section titled "Custom PowerPoint Template".

  3. Click the 'Upload new' button and select your PowerPoint file.

  4. Your file will be processed and you will see the new filename and time of upload to confirm it has been successfully loaded.

  5. You're done! Now every PPTX export from KnowledgeHound will look and feel like your own.


Can I upload my own personal template?

No. We currently support one custom PPTX template per KnowledgeHound instance. Every user on the instance will use that template.

Is there a starter Template I can download to help me?

There is. You can download our default starter template to show how to set up your PowerPoint file.

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