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Elevate your Research with DIY Data Loading
Elevate your Research with DIY Data Loading

A look at KnowledgeHound’s new Advanced Self-Loading capabilities

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So you’ve wrapped up fielding a great new project. Now what? Well, undoubtedly, you’ll need to get to work reporting on that work. You’ll want to make sure that data is accessible, and that it can fuel decisions for years to come. What better place to put it than KnowledgeHound! Whether it’s building a report, an interactive dashboard, while answering ad-hoc questions along the way, KH has always had your back.

Yes, KnowledgeHound can help with that, but you might still be tired of waiting. Whatever you’re waiting for; whether it’s answers from the vendor, cleaned files, or QA reviews, we’ve been there!! At KnowledgeHound, we’re committed to putting you in the driver’s seat, ensuring you spend less time waiting for answers and more time gaining insights from your valuable data. That commitment is what makes us so excited to introduce our enhanced Advanced Self-Loading capability for managers!

Unleash the Power of Your Data in Minutes Instead of Days.

KnowledgeHound has always been passionate about helping customers get the most out of their customer data through easy and robust data visualization and analysis. In fact, we’ve dedicated a team of experts to cleaning and loading any dataset to really make it shine! And through that process, we’ve learned what it takes to maximize the value of your most important research.

So now, with Advanced Self-Loading, all that expertise can automatically be applied to your data in minutes instead of days! Here is how Advanced Self-Loading by KnowledgeHound empowers you:

  1. Control your time: Load your dataset, do your analyses, and re-load if you need; all without having to reach out for help and wait for a response.

  2. Auto-magically clean data: Our intelligent system takes charge of cleaning your data, ensuring accuracy and unwavering consistency. We’ve got the technology to turn even the messiest files into pristine, actionable data.

  3. Effortless Matrix Creation: With our all-new, Matrix Question Algorithm, tedious re-labeling in your file isn’t necessary. Just sit back and let KH identify and create those grids for you.

  4. Fine-tuning and QA: Don’t worry, we’re sure that you know your data best. That’s why we’ve built intuitive tools to make sure your data is labeled correctly and edit things like grid questions and weight variables.

  5. Re-uploading Made Easy: Have a new wave of data but you don’t want to break your dashboards? No problem, we thought of that too. You can make whatever changes you need and re-upload your data back to KH any time you want, and not have to worry about adding time to getting your insights.

  6. Publish When You’re Ready: At KnowledgeHound, we’re all about sharing and collaborating. That’s why we put in a thoughtful way to publish your dataset to other users on your team. No more worrying about who can see what, just load and publish at your discretion.

Double Down on Your Research.

At KnowledgeHound, we’re dedicated to getting you data-backed answers as quickly as you and your business need them. With Advanced Self-Loading you’re not just getting your data- you’re getting control, agility, and precision with your insights.

Take your time back, take your data to the next level, and take the reigns with KnowledgeHound’s Advanced Self-Loading

Want to learn more about Self Loading? Check out this user guide.

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