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Grid (Matrix) Questions in KnowledgeHound
Grid (Matrix) Questions in KnowledgeHound

How to create and edit grid (AKA matrix) questions in KnowledgeHound

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Whether you've loaded a data file yourself or are reviewing a previously loaded dataset, managers have the ability to create, edit and ungroup grid questions (sometimes called "matrix questions") themselves.

What is a grid question?

Grid questions are characterized by their structured grid or table format which consists of two dimensions, distinguishing them as a specific type of survey question. They are designed to efficiently collect a range of information by presenting a series of related questions in a consistent layout. In a grid question, respondents are typically asked to rate or provide feedback on multiple items using the same set of response options, often on a scale. This uniformity simplifies the survey-taking process for participants and streamlines the data-collection process for researchers. Grid questions are especially handy when you need to assess various aspects of a product, service, or experience simultaneously, enabling you to analyze the gathered data comprehensively.

Here is an example of a grid question in KnowledgeHound (using fictitious data):

As you can see in the above, there are two dimensions:

1. A frequency dimension

2. A service dimension

Creating and Editing Grid Questions

On the questions tab of any study, managers can create and edit grid questions. When two or more independent variables have matching response options, they are eligible to be combined as a grid question.

To create or edit a grid question, follow these steps:

  1. Select the pencil-shaped edit icon on the right side of the question label to open the editing menu

  2. Select "create grid" if you're making a new grid, otherwise, the contributing grid options will appear automatically

  3. Toggle options on or off depending on whether or not you would like them to be included in that grid question

  4. Save your changes by selecting the save button on the top-right corner of the editing menu.

Note: From the editing menu, managers can change the question labels and/or revert question labels back to how they appear in the original data. KnowledgeHound recommends editing the grid question text to make each question easy to understand.

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