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2021 Q2 Product Enhancements
2021 Q2 Product Enhancements

Significant features are on their way!

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An All-New Way to Analyze!

Our biggest innovation for 2021 is a direct result of listening to what our customers are saying. You rely on KnowledgeHound to be a tool that enables analysis to happen across all your survey data. Ensuring that questions can be answered faster, stories can be told fully, and insights can be discovered easily.

The new analysis experience introduces a significant change to the ways you can visualize your data. Unlocking more freedom, speed, and confidence.

Currently, the experience is in Beta. You may notice messages and links that allow you to experience it for yourself inside the application.

Let's take an early look at what to expect and address some questions you may have.

Q: What's up with rows, columns, series, and categories on the left side of the screen?

A: The left sidebar is likely the biggest change you'll notice in the new experience. It's essentially your visual builder. You have the ability to add up to 6 questions, called variables. You have the freedom to drag and drop variables wherever you'd like to move more freely. Variables all have a menu that allows a variety of functions such as creating nets or switching it with another variable. You'll notice as you change chart types that the sidebar intelligently adapts to meet your needs and help craft a smart visual.

Q: Are there features missing that I am used to?

A: At the moment yes. Not every feature that you are used to having access to is available in the new analysis experience, but don't worry. We are pushing out new features every week. The goal is that every feature you're used to is present in the new experience except they'll be more powerful and easier to use.

Q: When will this be "complete" and replace the existing analysis experience?

A: Truth be told, we will always be improving our analysis capabilities, but soon this new way of looking at your data will become the primary way of doing so.

That being said, we have some goals for feature release dates. Check out some important ones below:


Available by

Stat testing

Available now!

Chart visuals (Up to 4 variables)

Available now!

Official Launch Date (Permanent switch to the new analysis experience)

May 17th, 2021

Data Management (Managers and Admins only)

For those of you looking to do more with the data you load, we've heard you as well. Starting this year a set of new features will give you more power to shape the way surveys look to others who use KnowledgeHound. This includes the following:

Ability to relabel questions. If you don't like the way questions are worded or want to specifically label a familiarity question to say "Familiarity" you can. Every question is editable when you're in edit mode.

Control data access to surveys brought in through integrations. Just like you would control access to a manually loaded survey, you can now select which groups have access to your surveys brought in through any one of our integrations. This feature does require SSO. Talk to a KnowledgeHound support team member to learn more.


In addition to Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey, KnowledgeHound now integrates with Toluna, 1Q, and AYTM! This means that getting data into KnowledgeHound is more automated than ever. Reach out to our Customer Success Team to learn more about using any one of these data integrations.

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