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Data Integrations FAQ

Wondering how KnowledgeHound's data integrations work? We've answered the most frequently asked questions for you here.

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What are data integrations?

Data integrations are a great way to efficiently and effectively bring your data into KnowledgeHound. In our world, this enables survey suppliers to pass data to KnowledgeHound without needing humans to do the work manually.

When it comes to getting all your survey data into one place, integrations are extremely helpful in making that as seamless as possible.

Who does KnowledgeHound integrate with?

KnowledgeHound integrates with Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, Toluna, 1Q, AYTM, and Segmanta. More integrations are planned so please check back or feel free to reach out and inquire about integrating with your favorite source.

How do I set up an integration?

There are two methods depending on the data source you wish to send your survey data to KnowledgeHound.

Option one: As a KnowledgeHound customer, you give both the research supplier and KnowledgeHound permission to push your survey data into KnowledgeHound. Once that permission has been given we do the work on your behalf. Once we have assisted in setting up the integration, you will start seeing your data in the KnowledgeHound application.

Option two: For SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics, you are able to set up the integration completely on your own. Each integration page contains step-by-step instructions to successfully set the integration up.

What happens after I set up an integration?

As a user, you have two options.

Manual Mode: Set up the integration to manual mode. This requires you to select which surveys you want to load into KnowledgeHound. You will be presented with a list of your surveys and select which to load from there. The manual option is best if data privacy is critical or if you are concerned with data misuse from studies that might not have collected enough responses.

COMING SOON! Automatic Mode: Coming soon, you can set up the integration to automatically bring in all of your data. This means every survey in your account that has data, including studies that may still be gathering responses. This option is ideal if you're looking for a "set it and forget it" type of experience and don't mind having surveys that are not "complete" in KnolwedgeHound. The advantage here is being able to analyze surveys before they're complete as well as not having to remember to log in and load your most recent surveys.

What if my survey is a tracker study? It's never really "complete".

Tracker surveys are indeed different as they may stay gathering responses for years in some cases. That said, whether you are in automatic mode or manual mode you can still get your tracker survey data in KnowledgeHound. We make sure to continually update surveys as new data is available from the source. Read on for how data updating works.

How often will my data be imported/updated?

Every survey that has been imported into KnowledgeHound is updated every 24hrs at the time the survey was originally imported. Meaning a study imported at 3pm CST will be updated every day at 3pm CST. This means you can rest assured that when you are analyzing data it is no more than 24hrs old.

Currently, if you would like to update data sooner than the automated 24 hours after import contact KnowledgeHound support.

How will I know when my data is loaded?

KnowledgeHound will send you one weekly recap email that highlights what data has been loaded for your integrations including, new surveys and new data for existing surveys.

What if I have stimuli (videos, images, concepts, etc) included in my studies?

Stimuli, like your data, will also be ingested into KnowledgeHound’s database and stored. However, those images will not be visible to the user. In the future, KnowledgeHound will build support for those assets to be visualized for the user.

What other documents will be loaded with my data?

Questionnaires and final reports can be uploaded easily by users as long as they have 'Manager' status. They do this by going to the Study’s Dashboard > Files > Upload Files.

What is Manager status?

Manager status is given to those who have access to set up integrations and load content into KnowledgeHound. Users who are Managers can make other users Managers by going to the Profile > User Management tab.

What if my study is weighted?

KnowledgeHound will automatically apply the weighting when the data is analyzed. KnowledgeHound supports only one weighting scheme per study.

What happens when my survey data comes into KnowledgeHound?

When you set up an integration using automatic mode your survey data will be processed and a new study will be created for each survey. The data will then be available for all users to analyze and find in search.

When you set up an integration using manual mode your survey data is processed, but the study and its data will remain private to only you until you publish the data. You can publish the data for all users by clicking the publish button. This button is found on the integration page.

Can I make changes to the study before it is published?

The only option available while in manual mode is to contact KnowledgeHound support to make changes to the data before it is available to all users. Future upgrades will be coming that enable you to edit the data yourself so it appears how you need it to.

How do I delete a study?

Each survey in KnowledgeHound has its own page called a Study Dashboard. As a Manager, you can request to delete a study. Once the request is submitted an admin will approve or deny the request. Simply click the trash can icon. A dialog will open where you can request to delete the study.

What metadata will be imported for each study?

KnowledgeHound will automatically create metadata for the following survey attributes: sample size, supplier, date, and a link to the original survey.

All other metadata needs to be added manually. For more information about metadata read this article about Metadata and tagging.

Can I download a data file for the entire survey?

If you need to download a raw data file for the entire survey you can use the link back to the original survey application. From there you can download the raw data files.

What types of questions does KnowledgeHound Support?

KnowledgeHound will import all data, regardless of question type. However, today KnowledgeHound can only support the search and visualization of the below types of questions. KnowledgeHound will continue to build support for more types of questions.

Fully supported questions types:

Single choice

Multiple choice

Grid questions/matrix

Rank order

Text entry/open-ends


Line charts for time-based analysis

Derived Variables

Partially supported question types:

Numeric (Will display responses but cannot do average, median, min, max, ranges, etc)

Constant Sum (Will display responses but cannot do average, median, min, max, ranges, etc)

NPS (Can grab the data but can’t calculate the derived number)

Unsupported question types and/or analyses:

Calculate Derived Variables


Conjoint analysis

Hot spot/heat map/highlight

Van Konen/Van Westendorp price sensitivity model

Multivariable quadrant analysis
Penalty Analysis

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