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Getting Started with KnowledgeHound
Getting started with KnowledgeHound
Getting started with KnowledgeHound

In this article we highlight platform features and tips for early success.

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KnowledgeHound empowers users with the power of search, data visualization, and analysis to make customer-driven decisions. We take a data-first approach in helping you discover answers from your valuable research. Our platform illuminates new insights and hidden trends you never thought to look for. The more research studies you add to KnowledgeHound, the more powerful your data becomes. 

Check out the video below for a quick tour of the solution.

Centralize your survey data

Organize and explore all your research in one place. Eliminate silos and find the insights and answers you need from all your customer insights data. You can also instantly import data from your favorite platforms via integration or upload research from any third party research provider. 

KnowledgeHound uses natural language search to find relevant survey questions from your existing research, making it easy to gather the information you need to make important decisions. Find an insightful story, discover a powerful chart, or uncover themes from a set of consumer responses — all through the power of search.

Visualize and share

Anyone can look like a professional researcher with KnowledgeHound’s data visualization tools. Create professional charts and tables, conduct cross-tabulations, extract theme and sentiment from open-end responses, and instantly display trends and averages in a beautiful format ready to be shared.

Data-first, but not data-only

Keep all your research files in one easily accessible, central library. Store and catalog relevant reports, questionnaires, stimuli, and media files alongside your survey data. Search for, preview, and download any file included in KnowledgeHound to get the context you need behind every study.

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