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You have put your heart and soul into a study and now you want to make sure your team and organization are able to leverage your findings, what do you do? Typically, we hear of Insights teams sharing out the final report in a static email attachment that may or may not ever be opened again. At KnowledgeHound, we have identified some best practices to ensure your findings are leveraged again and again.


Study Share-out Followup Email

Now that you have presented your findings, you will want to share out to others. While sending your email with the attached PDF report or action items, be sure to include the link to the KnowledgeHound dashboard as well, so others always have the most up to date and interactive information.

Tracker Study Updates

Maybe there is a study you have already showed the organization but a new wave of data is now available. Sending out a followup email directing colleagues to the data in KnowledgeHound will keep your tracker top of mind for everyone. Looking for an added bonus? Include a data point from the most recent wave to interest others even more!

Updated Email Signature

What information is currently included in your email signature? Probably just your name and contact information, right? Include a message for internal recipients about finding insights in KnowledgeHound with an embedded link to further increase visibility into Insights Team's work.ย 

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