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Search Overview
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KnowledgeHound’s search engine looks through all of the applicable information on the platform to return the results most relevant to your query. This includes all of the questions asked to respondents in surveys, the response options to those questions, the text inside of documents, and any additional video information through third party integrations. KnowledgeHound search results are brought back in a few different levels, the top results tab will bring forward the most relevant results across different categories including the top studies, top public stories, top study questions (data), top documents, and any relevant video results from third party integrations. If you are only looking for one type of information you can tab over to the applicable tab at the top of the search results page to only view one type of results such as stories or documents.

Understanding Search Results

Underneath the study question and document results is additional information to help understand the context around the search results as well as why the result is being surfaced.

For survey questions that have been asked multiple times KnowledgeHound’s search engine will show you the most recent iteration and give you option to see every instance the question was asked. 

Narrowing your search results

You can apply filters on the top of the search results page to narrow down the results to those that meet the applied criteria. These filters match the meta data fields you have created and tagged all your studies with (see meta data and tagging article for more info)

For best search success KnowledgeHound recommends using 2-3 keywords as opposed to whole business questions. 

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