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Making changes to data files
Making changes to data files
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Any new data file that is received by the KnowledgeHound team goes through a thorough QA process to ensure it is displayed accurately on the platform to ensure the best user experience. When necessary, variables are relabelled/reformatted to properly display survey questions in KnowledgeHound. See our article "Preparing Data for KnowledgeHound" for more information about data formatting.

Any time a data file needs to be replaced in the platform, that file needs to go through the same QA process, and any formatting/cleaning that was done to the original file needs to be re-done. For that reason, we ask that changes made to the file are kept to a minimum. Obviously, we recognize change happens: an issue is found with a question, the client requests an additional banner be added, etc. However, the more we can consolidate these changes, the more we can prevent down time of the study availability on the site. It is important that, aside from the necessary changes, the remainder of the data files remains the same (variable names, labels, etc.). We have found that data files requiring replacement most often are from ongoing tracking studies - please see our article on "Tracker Studies" for more information about recurring data deliverable requirements.

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