The KnowledgeHound platform relies solely on respondent-level data in order to provide the data visualization and analytics experience for users. While there are certain limitations to what we can customize based on those same limitations in SPSS, there is a decent amount that we can do in the platform after the data is loaded to further optimize the user experience.

What KH can customize:
The order in which questions appear listed on study dashboard
Question and response option labels
Displaying of questions - i.e. turning questions on and off as viewable in KnowledgeHound
Presentation of grid questions - either grouped together or as standalone questions
Calculation of mean scores on categorical variables - this feature can be turned on and off
Sentiment and thematic analysis of open ends can be turned on or off

What KH cannot customize:
Total base size that appears on the analysis page - this is driven by the number of respondents in the data file
Calculation of means on numeric open end variables - this will always display a mean score
Presenting images as response options - studies such as concept tests often times will present images to a respondent and ask "Which do you prefer?". KnowledgeHound cannot pipe these images into the chart, so we provide a description of the concept/image presented, instead. While we cannot present those images on the analysis page, we can load them as images to the study dashboard and summary pages for users to reference.

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