Multiple Response Sets
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Multiple response questions are a commonly used question type in the market research industry. This type of question allows respondents to select more than one response for a single question. See example below:

"Which of the following brands have you purchased in the past 3 months? Select all that apply."

  1. Brand A

  2. Brand B

  3. Brand C

  4. Brand D

  5. Brand E

There is a specific way that this data is captured, typically as one column per response option in the data file. Many statistical programs allow for these responses to be grouped into what is referred to as a Multiple Response Set. KnowledgeHound recognizes the unique nature of such sets and presents the data to users as a single question/chart. Please reference the "Preparing data for KnowledgeHound" section of the help guide to learn more about how Multiple Response Sets should be formatted for the optimal user experience in KnowledgeHound.

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