On the data analysis page users can apply breakouts and filters to dive deeper into a data point and uncover further insights.

To apply a breakout you can select the “Add Breakout” button on the left side of the page which will open the the add breakout popup. On this screen users can select which question they would like to breakout their existing question by. Commonly used breakout options are at the top of the list under Suggested Breakouts, but users can use the search bar at the top of the popup or scroll through all available breakout options. After selecting the applicable breakout from the list select Apply to add the breakout to the chart.

You can visualize all charts with one breakout applied and on the grid view chart option you can see two breakouts applied.

Breakouts allow you to see how respondents answers to one question differ across another question while filtering allows you to see only a specific group of respondents. To apply a filter to a question select the Filter data button then in the filter popup select the question, for the variable to equal or not equal the criteria in the the third column then select Apply to add the filter to the data view.

You can apply up to seven filters on any data analysis page and each subsequent filters works as an addition to the previous filter incorporating the new respondents to the respondents who met the previous criteria given.

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