KnowledgeHound’s visualization and analytics engine runs on raw unaggregated respondent level data files. This allows the system to be able to be dynamic and allow users to cut, filter, and manipulate the data on the fly.

On the left of the chart, users can apply a breakout, filter the data, or combine response options for further data customization. Above the these buttons is a link back to the Study Dashboard that this question comes from. Above the chart is a toolbar with a variety of different options that from left to right are: changing view options, changing chart type, visualizing numbers or percentages, download options, flip axises, add chart to story, and sharing options. Above the toolbar is the question that is being visualized, which also doubles as a dropdown list of all of the questions asked in this study that can be visualized. To the right of the chart is some helpful context and background on the study to ground a user in the research that they are analyzing. 

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