KnowledgeHound Stories is the quickest and easiest way to visualize an answer to business questions. It allows you to gather interesting charts, open-ended responses, videos, and documents from different studies to create a central location for analysis and presentation.

Items in Stories are added right from the source. Look for the Add to Story button. Select a Story you want to add the item to, write a description about it, and you're set.

Favorited stories are kept for easy reference and always updated with the most recent insights added by the author.

All stories are private by default, so they won't appear in another user's search or their Story page. Private stories can still be shared using the Share button, or simply copying the URL. You can set the story to be public in the privacy settings of the Story. Regardless of privacy settings, all Stories are only editable by the author and will be viewed in read-only mode by others.

Export to PowerPoint

You can export to KnowledgeHound Stories as PowerPoint presentations. All of the powerful data in your Stories will be converted into native PowerPoint elements. This allows you the ability to manipulate the data in charts, edit text, and transform the presentation to fit your company's brand.

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